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  Korea Report - May 2013
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Korea Report - May, 2013.




  President Park Geun-hyes made the first official visit to USA during June 4-10.

  SKorea is pushing for a 3-way strategic dialogue with USA and China in June.

  Shinjo Abe is seeking to revise the Japanese constitution to a change to its pacifist Law.

  Samsung Groups is determined to produce Nobel Prize winners.

  NK fired short-range guided missiles into the East Sea for the third consecutive day.

  Laos has sent 9 NKoreans defectors to NK.

  Bank of China has publicly closed the account of NKs key foreign exchange bank.

  SKorea's fiscal deficit widened during the first quarter of this year.

  BOK made a surprising cut of its key interest rate to 2.50% from 2.75%.

  SKoreas economy is expected to grow 2.6% this year.

  SKorea's trade surplus surged to a nearly three-year high in May.

  NTS has officially launched a probe into 23 individuals and companies.

  SECs Galaxy S4 has been chosen as the best smartphone by a US magazine.

  SKoreas major construction companies suffered heavy losses in the first quarter.

  SKorea's foreign exchange reserves declined in May.

  SKorea's consumer prices grew 1% in May.

  Japans order surged, in competition with Chinese counterparts.

  The slump may be prolonged even beyond 2016, due to oversupply on speculative ordering.

  Koreas policy financing institutions jointly provides $1.5 bil of PF to the US LNG plant.

  New concept-close cooperation made the new design; Suisse-Atlantique-HMD.

  KDB led creditors took over the day-to-day management of STX Group companies.



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