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  Korea Report - April 2013
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Korea Report - April, 2013.




President Park and Bill Gates met and shared views on alternative energy sources.

Japanese governments distorted historical views angered neighboring countries.

SKorea failed to secure US consent to develop independent nuclear fuel production capability.

The NK government threatened to hit USA with nuclear armed missiles.

SKorea decided to withdraw its citizens from the Gaeseong Industrial Complex.

China has directed its authorities to abide by UNSC resolutions adopted to punish NK.

FM said Japans weakening yen is hurting SKoreas economy more than NKorean threats.

President Park revived trade and investment promotion council.

IMF revised down Koreas GDP growth forecast to 2.8% this year.

Amount of assets held by SKorean banks surpassed KW2,000 tril mark for the first time ever.

Samsung Electronics ranked 20th on the annual Global 2000 by Forbes.

SEC unveiled its Galaxy S4, the latest in its flagship Galaxy series, in Seoul.

The overseas shipments of cars manufactured by HMC and Kia have broken the 50 mil mark.

Quality yards have mostly filled up their major slots upto 2016.

Combined debt owed by SKoreas 7 largest shipyards spiked 44% last year.

Korean government decided to establish Shipping Guarantee Fund worth KW2 tril ($1.7 bil).

8 creditor banks agreed on voluntary debt restructuring for STX Group providing emergency fund.

KEPCO committed for its 9 x 150K bulkers newbuilding project.

The creditors of Sungdong S&ME will conduct a debt-for-equity swap.




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