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  Korea Report - June 2013
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Korea Report - June, 2013.




President Park Geun-hye was on a state visit to China from June 27-30.

President Park offered to return the remains of Chinese troops killed in the Korean War.

President Park and Mr. Xi vowed to work closely together to denuclearize Korean Peninsula.

The number of foreign nationals in Korea recently exceeded 1.5 million.

HQ of UN Green Climate Fund will be situated in Koreas Songdo, Incheon city.

SKorean government aims to create more than 2.38 mil jobs by 2017.

Son Yeon-jae won three gold medals at the Asian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

China rejected NKs request for recognizing NK as a nuclear weapons state.

SKorea kicked off a huge bid for purchase of 60 fighter jets worth $7.3 bil.

Japanese PMs Abenomics received yellow card from the market for its growth strategy.

US sanctions against Iran effective July 1st inflict damages on SKorean companies.

SKoreas public sector debt snowballed to $808.8 bil as at Q1.

SKorean government raised this years economic growth rate to 2.7 % from 2.3%.

Samsung decided to enter carbon fiber market.

Samsung won a patent fight in Japan against Apple.

Apple lost a lawsuit in the US against SECs Galaxy S4 smartphone relating to patents.

The import automobile industry achieved record sales in May and June consecutively.

BOK froze key rate at 2.5% in June.

KOSPI plunged below 1,800 for the first time in 11 months.

SKorea's foreign exchange reserves fell by the largest amount in 13 months in June.

SKorea's consumer price growth stayed in the 1% range.

K-sure financed $450 mil for Golar LNG carriers to be built at SHI and HHI.

SHI attained $8.3 bil worth of NB contracts from January to June 2013.

STX O & S has received a fresh cash injection of $224 mil from KDB Bank.

STX Pan Ocean on 7th filed for a court receivership.




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