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  Korea Report - April 2020
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Parliamentary elections in SKorea was held on 15th amid COVID-19 pandemic [p.2]

SKorea recorded steady decline in new cases of coronavirus in April [p.2]

SKorea government unveiled second extra budget bill worth $6.2 bil [p.4]

President Moon revealed plans for $68.8 bil worth of additional support packages [p.4]

The number of air passengers in SKorea fell to a record low at 1.74 mil in March [p.7]

Indications of Kim Jong-uns death or near-death, are raising tensions here [p.8]

SKorean government is pushing to restart reconnecting railways between two Koreas [p.8]

SKorea issued $51.5 bil in state bonds and Treasurys in Jan-March period [p.9]

SKoreas economy shrank 1.4% on-quarter in Jan-March period, sharpest fall since 2008 [p.9]

SKoreas per capita GDP as of 2019, assessed by OECD is estimated to reach $43,426 [p.9]

SKoreas economic growth rate is predicted to be minus 2.3% this year [p.10]

SKorea's trade balance recorded a deficit of $950 mil in April [p.10]

SKorea decided to inject emergency funds into nations five key industries [p.13]


Hyosung Group plans to build worlds largest liquid hydrogen plant in Ulsan [p.16]

Korean air carriers are undergoing restructuring to downsize workforce [p.17]

Major Korean carmakers and auto parts makers asked govt for liquidity support [p.18]

SKorea's main stock price index plunged 20.2% during Jan-March period [p.19]

EC put off full-scale probe into acquisition of DSME and HHI Holdings [p.20]

SKorea's shipbuilders are facing difficulty against COVID-19 and low oil prices [p.20]

Hyundai Merchant Marine changed the company name to HMM [p.23]



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