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  Korea Report - May 2020
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Life in SKorea is getting back to normal [p.2]

Second round of more deadlier coronavirus to return in fall [p.2]

President Trump plans to invite SKorea to a G7 summit in Sept [p.3]

SKorean government started handing out $11.66 bil to cushion economic blow [p.3]

The 20th National Assembly held its final plenary session and approved 141 legislation [p.4]

Most high school seniors here returned to school on 20th [p.6]

SKoreas baseball season began on 5th, after weeks-long delay [p.7]

Gunfire broke out between North and South Korea on 3rd [p.7]

Kim Jong-un called for stronger nuclear war deterrence at key military meeting [p.8]

SKoreas nominal GDP ranked No 10 out of 38 OECD member countries [p.10]

Korea Development Institute said SKorea will see economy expand 0.2% in 2020 [p.11]

SKoreas trade surplus marked $400 mil in May, returning from trade deficit [p.11]

SKoreas national debt per capita stood at KW14.83 mil ($12,145) as of 9th [p.12]

Hyundai Motor Group to start constructing 105-story Global Business Center [p.14]

Oil refineries in SKorea logged their worst-ever performances in first quarter [p.16]

Performance of top 10 SKorean biologics and pharmaceutical firms in first quarter [p.18]

Bank of Korea on 28th cut the policy rate to an unprecedented 0.5% [p.21]

Qatar reserves 100 plus LNG berths worth over $18 bil at SKorean yards [p.21]

Sungdong Shipbuilding finishes rehabilitation procedure on 11th [p.24]

Hahn & Co and Hana Financial Group agreed to buy 100% stake in H-Line Shipping [p.25]



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