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  Korea Report - November 2010
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Korea Report - November 2010.




  G-20 Seoul summit adopted the Seoul Declaration.

  Korea and USA failed to resolve differences in FTA.

  Korea will chair the next meeting of int'l forum aimed at fighting Somali pirates.

  Korea's national brand power stood at 18th in the world this year.

  Korea was selected by UNESCO as top among G-20 states for investing in science & technology innovation.

  North poured 170 rounds of artillery shells near Yeonpyeong Island on 23rd.

  President Lee said SKorea would make NK pay a price for any future provocation.

  SKorea-US joint drills took place for 4 days with USS George Washington.

  NK built light-water reactor with more than 1,000 uranium centrifuges.

  Korea's economy is expected to grow around 6% in 2010.

  Korea is expected to emerge as the world's seventh largest exporter this year.

  Hana Financial Group has decided to take over Korea Exchange Bank.

  2 Hyundai family groups engaged in the battle to take over HE&C

  Mahindra & Mahindra bought controlling stake in Ssangyong Motor.

  BOK lifted the benchmark 7-day repurchase rate to 2.5% from 2.25%.

  Shipping, presently, is risky business in the risky timing.

  Chinese gov't announced its plan to reduce import of iron-ore by 50% in next 5 years. 

  Big 3 optimistic to achieve their annual sales target.

  Korean oil tanker and its 24 crew members have been set free from Somali pirate.




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