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  Korea Report - October 2010
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Korea Report - October 2010.




  G-20 summit will be held in Seoul on Nov 11-12.

  Finance ministers and central bank governors agreed to shun competitive

currency matters ahead of G-20 summit.

  Korea and the European Union inked a FTA.

  Climate change pushed the price of napa cabbage 5 times in 2 months.

  Korea will inject KW40 tril by 2015 for its competitiveness in renewable energy.

  SK and USA have agreed to reflect rising instability in NK in their Concept Plan.

  Hwang Jang-yop, chief architect of NKs guiding Juche ideology, died in Seoul.

  The North's official media released its first ever picture of Kim Jong-Un.

  2 groups of aged SKoreans met their family members from NK.

  Korea is to become 13th largest economy among the G20 economies in 2011.

  A Securities predicted KWon to be strengthened to the 800- 900 level.

  Clash over Hyundai E&C between HMC and Hyundai Group for 34.88% shares,

and HMM makes every efforts to secure the bullets for the acquisition.

  SEC is to invest $9.2 bil in semiconductors next year.

  More than 100 companies have hit their new high this year in bourse.

  Prices for daily necessities in Korea jumped to a 2 year-high to 4.1% in Sept.

  Korean major shipbuilders are now gradually recovering its pace.

  STX PO enters the big league in the open-hatch sector.




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