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  Korea Report - August 2010
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Korea Report - August 2010.




Korea and USA agreed to start talks for revising a nuclear energy treaty during Sept-Oct.

The government invited 30 overseas descendents to mark the Aug 15 Liberation Day.

Japanese PM Naoto Kan promised to return cultural relics of the late Joseon Dynasty.

Korea's leading business groups are to hire more workers than predicted.

Korea is the world's 15th best country to live in.

Seoul and Washington agreed to conduct a naval exercise once a month until the end of the year.

President Lee proposed a unification tax.

NK leader Kim Jong-il visited China to meet Chinese President Hu.

Koreas GDP expanded 7.1% in the second quarter on-year.

SKorea posted a trade surplus of $2.07 bil in Aug.

President Lee reaffirmed his resolve to help SMEs.

Prices of apartments in Seoul have fallen for 24 consecutive weeks.

SEC ranked the highest in this year's US customer satisfaction study for washing machines, dryers and refrigerators.

The amount of overseas construction contract reached $50.5 bil so far this year.

SKorea has become the worlds fifth largest holder of foreign currency reserves.

Inflation rose by 2.6% and the jobless rate stood at 3.7% in July.

Big 3 yards posted good operating profit, despite the decrease in revenue in the first half.

STX Group has failed in its attempt to take over Daehan Shipbuilding.



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