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  Korea Report - June 2010
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Korea Report - June, 2010.




June 2 local elections yielded devastating defeat to the ruling GNP.

The National Assembly voted down the Sejong City revision bill.

A number of countries have shown keen interest in Korea's nuclear plant technology.

Ceremonies were conducted to commemorate 60th anniversary of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Korea is bracing for new union rules to stop paying wages for full-time unionists.

SKorean team progressed to the World Cup's round of 16.

Skorean government officially referred sinking of the "Cheonan" to UNSC.

Seoul and Washington agreed to postpone OPCON transfer until 2015.

Korean government raised its growth forecast for 2010 to 5.8%.

BOK froze the benchmark interest rate at 2% for 16th straight month.

China and Taiwan signed a bilateral trade pact and yuan surged to 6.77 to dollar.

Korea posted a record trade surplus of $7.47 bil in June.

Apple and SEC have paved the way for gaining ground in their own markets.

KOSPI and KWon rode roller coaster.

SKorea's consumer prices rose 2.6% in June.

Korean shipbuilders clinched the largest amount of new ship orders in the first 4 months.

Korean yards secured orders for more than 30 ships in May.



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