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  Korea Report - February 2010
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Korea Report - February, 2010.




  SKorea created a powerful impression at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

  The government to dispatch over 200 troops for UN-led peacekeeping mission to Haiti and 350 troops to Afghanistan.

  Seoul asks Japan and France to return ancient texts.

  Ruling GNP debated the Sejong City revision proposal.

  4 American university to open their branch in Incheon FEZ.

  The rice price in NK rose 1,000% in Jan amid severe food shortage.

  NK is near attracting foreign investments worth about $10 bil.

  Korean economy has been losing steam during the past 2 months.

  IMF said SKorea's fiscal deficit was expected to stand at 2.7% of its GDP this year.

  Financial regulator explicited M&A scenario between megabanks.

  Korea's trade balance swung to a surplus of $2.33 bil in Feb.

  Government will speed up to sell stakes in bailed-out firms.

  Korea's 15 biggest firms saw liquidity assets jump nearly 50% at the end of 2009.

  HHI announced to switch the contract for 5 out of 9 containerships.



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