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  Korea Report - April 2021
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The second phase of Koreas mass vaccination campaign started in the first week of April for people 75 or older and non-COVID-19 essential workers such as early childhood educators, police and firefighters. Pfizer jabs went to the elderly, while the rest were given AstraZenecas. Korea will have access to 7 mil doses of AstraZeneca vaccine and 7 mil more doses from Pfizer in May or June.

SKorea recorded trade surplus of $390 mil in April, 12th consecutive month of surplus. Exports jumped 41.1% on-year to $51.1 bil, highest growth in 10 years, as demand for chips and automobiles stayed strong amid improving global economy. Imports rose 33.9% to $50.8 bil.

Korean 'Big3' are likely to achieve their yearly order goal without difficulty as they are focusing on different main products, rather than building similar types of ships. From Jan to April 19th this year, three shipbuilders were awarded 139 newbuilds worth $13.43 bil, representing 44.2% of their entire order target for 2021. A rush of new containership orders, fiscal stimulus from all around the world and rising steel price are cited as factors in bringing such results.


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