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  Korea Report - August 2020
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Government announced stricter social distancing measures to curb rapid spread of COVID-19 [p.2]
Even after a vaccine is developed, there will be no immediate change to antivirus rules [p.2]
Government will pursue expansionary fiscal policy next year into Korean New Deal [p.4]
High-stakes game of chicken is playing out in Korea between government and doctors [p.5]
Decentralization has been an important yet neglected issue in SKorea [p.6]
54 days of record long monsoon in central SKorea ended on 16th [p.7]
Kim Jong-un has delegated some of his authority to his younger sister Yo-jong [p.8]
NK is estimated to have between 20 and 60 nuclear bombs [p.8]
SKoreas economy is expected to shrink minus 0.8% this year [p.10]
SKorea recorded trade surplus of $4.12 bil in Aug [p.10]
Government plans to supply 132,000 housing units in Seoul and its neighboring areas [p.12]
Samsung led smartphone production market with 55 mil units in April-June period [p.12]
LG Chems brand value has surpassed the KW4 tril mark ($3.3 bil) for the first time [p.13]
Korean Air and Asian Airlines surprised the market by posting operating profit in 2Q [p.15]
Hyundai Motors Genesis surpassed Mercedes-Benz in sales for the first time in 4 years [p.17]
Foreign stock ownership of SKoreas Kospi dipped to a 42-month low in Aug [p.18]
SKorea's foreign exchange reserves came to a record high of $418.95 bil as of end Aug [p.18]
Bank of Korea kept base rate unchanged at record low of 0.5% [p.19]
CCCS notified unconditional approval on a proposed merger of HHI and DSME [p.19]
Korean mid-sized shipbuilders won only two LR2 tankers (52,000 cgt) in 2Q [p.20]
HHIH, SHI and DSME released its performances for second quarter [p.21-22]
HMM agreed with CMA CGM for sale of its stake in Total Terminal Intl Algeciras [p.23]
LNG trade growth is expected to decrease to 1% in 2020 to recover next year [p.23]





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