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  Korea Report - February 2020
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SKorea is entering a perfect storm over rapid spread of COVID-19 [p.2]

As of 29th, number of countries restricting entry from SKorea rose to 71 [p.3]

Government is considering supplementary budget of $8.2 bil to contain COVID-19 [p.4]

Bong Joon-ho made history with Parasite, winning four awards at the Oscars [p.6]

Son Heung-min surpassed half-century mark in career Premier League goals with 51 [p.6]

The US has not given up on denuclearization talks with NK, IAEA said on 5th [p.7]

Shuttered inter-Korean industrial complex in NK's city of Kaesong must reopen [p.7]

SKorea posted a budget surplus for fifth year in a row in 2019 fiscal year [p.8]

UK left the EU as of Jan 31st but its trade with SKorea will see no major changes [p.8]

Two dozen large trade fairs and industry conferences in Asia have been postponed [p.9]

SKorea's trade surplus came to $4.1 bil in Feb, marking 97 straight months of surplus [p.9]

SKoreas national debt was estimated at KW734.4 tril ($619.4 bil) as of 5th [p.10]

Major companies are letting employees work from home due to COVID-19 outbreak [p.12]

Samsung set record in 2019 by commanding 20.5% of home appliances market in the US [p.12]

SK Energy has completed construction of a new desulfurization facility [p.13]

LG Chem will start supplying cylindrical batteries this year for Lucid Air [p.14]

Posco International discovered a new offshore gas reservoir near Myanmar [p.14]

Major carmakers decided to temporarily suspend operations at their plants here [p.16]

Bank of Korea left base rate frozen at current 1.25% on 27th [p.18]

The EU set deadline to July 9th for approval of HHI Group's takeover of DSME [p.18]

HHI and SHI have secured LOIs to build up to eight 170K cbm LNG carriers [p.20]

HHI signed MOU with SK shipping in the autonomous navigation field [p.21]

Polaris Shipping entered the VLCC shipping market through 'Madison Orca' [p.23]

Tongyeong signed MOU with 16 local companies to build a small LNG hub [p.23]




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