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  Korea Report Subscription
  Author : Hwang & Co     Date : 19-11-08 00:04     Hit : 116601    

TO : Dear Subscriber.

RE : Korea Report Subscrip tion.


We have started to distribute monthly Korea Report since 1998, and introduced various local topics

and global development of shipbuilding industry to our close friends worldwide. Since then, our

Korea Report has been very much loved to grow both in size and number of subscribers.

As of January 2020, we have decided to convert the Korea Report into paid subscrip tion in order

to accommodate the excessive work, for an annual fee of USD300.

For continuous subscrip tion and for invoicing purposes;

please send us your contact details including company name, person to contact, tel/email address.

We thank you for your continuous support.

Best regards,

Insoo Hwang, Managing Director.

Hwang & Company, Ltd.

T : +82-31-780-6130/1

F : +82-31-780-6132