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  Korea Report - June 2018
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June 13th by-elections functioned as intermediary gauge for political sentiment here [p.2]

IMF, WTO warned American protectionism could cause global economic damage [p.2]

An emerging trade war between the US and China is weighing on Koreas exports [p.3]

From July 1st, weekly working hours will decrease to 52 for companies employing 300+ workers [p.4]

SKorea won 2:0 against Germany in the World Cup match [p.5]

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump held a summit in Singapore on 12th [p.5]

Trumps remark over the remains of US service members fueled confusion in SKorea [p.6]

The US-NK summit failed to clarify PVID or CVID and Trump committed to suspend joint drills [p.7]

Sequence of key events leading up to the summit [p.7]

SKorea faces pressure to keep pace with the momentum while USA carried out its rate hike [p.10]

Economists worry on the Moons increase of fiscal expenditure on populism [p.11]

Fitch presented a stable outlook for SKoreas economy this year [p.11]

SKorea became the fifth-biggest exporter of cosmetics to Europe in 2017 [p.12]

Korean Inc speed up efforts to improve transparency in their corporate governance [p.13]

Companies rush to move factories to countries to detour anti-business policies and trade friction [p.13]

Koo Kwang-mo, 4th generation, took the whelm of LG Group [p.14]

SKorea's steel exports are the subject of 95 cases of import restrictions over the world [p.15]

Hyundai Motor Group swept top 3 positions in initial quality study conducted by JD Power [p.16]

The US Fed is to up its policy rate to 1.75-2%, widening gap with Seouls current 1.5% [p.17]

KOSPI plunged to 2,314, 9 month low, on US rate hike and trade war [p.17]

KWon weakened to 1,124, weakest since Nov 2017, reflecting world economic environment [p.18]

Korean shipbuilding maintains its dominance over the gas carrier, tanker, and containership [p.19]

Jung Sung-Leep, CEO of DSME, commented Korean industry to reorganize itself into Big2 [p.19]

Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering began the talk to find a new owner [p.23]

Hanjin HIC seems to be mulling on a disposal of its Subic Shipyard [p.23]

HMM signed LOI for 20 boxships with Korean Big3 yards [p.23]


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