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  Korea Report - May 2018
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Trump nominated Pacific Commander Adm Harry Harris as new ambassador to SKorea [p.3]

Trade war initiated by USA spread around the world [p.3]

Revision of labor law on reduction in work hours with steep min wage hike kills SME [p.4]

K-pop BTS dream has become a reality, topping the Billboard 200 chart [p.5]

SKorea-US-NK talks in chronological order [p.6]

Trump announced Singapore for his unprecedented meeting with Kim [p.7]

3 US prisoners in NK released on 10th [p.8]

US and NKorean officials discussed issues related to agenda of the US-NK summit [p.9]

Kim Jong-un met Chinese President Xi Jinping twice for side support [p.9]

Presence of the US troops in SKorea is a crucial issue in upcoming high-level meetings [p.10]

The share of countrys trade to its GNI came to 84% last year [p.11]

SKoreas economy will keep a 3% growth this year [p.11]

Expert concerns capital outflow if gap between key rates of SKorean and USA widens [p.13]

Average annual salary at top 30 listed companies grew 2.6% on-year in 2017 [p.14]

Koo Bon-moo, chairman of LG Group, died on 19th at the age of 73 [p.15]

GM decided to set up its Asia-Pacific regional office in SKorea [p.16]

Elliott threatened to vote against HMCs corporate governance reform, as it did with SEC [p.17]

KOSPI shaken up and down by Trumps word on talk with NK [p.19]

Big 3 has kept their heads above the water in first quarter [p.20]

Sinokor MM signed LOI with SWS and Tianjin Xingang SB for Newcastlemax [p.24]

Korean offshore and shipbuilding industry is seeking another chance [p.25]


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