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  Korea Report - April 2018
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Korea Report - April, 2018.


President Moon Jae-in and NKorean leader Kim Jong-un held their first summit on 27th [p.2]

SKorea aims to become the worlds fourth-largest exporter by 2022 [p.4]

Former President Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years in prison and a fine of KW18 bil [p.4]

NK moved its clock forward 30 minutes to unify its time zone with SKorea [p.8]

NK on 21st announced its decision to shut down its main nuclear test site [p.8]

Mike Pompeo, director of the CIA, travelled to NK for direct contact with Kim Jong-un [p.9]

UNSC blacklisted 27 ships, 21 companies and a businessman for violation of sanctions [p.9]

SKorea imported $1.22 bil worth of US beef last year [p.12]

Concerns over capital outflow amid a widening gap of interest rates eased by firm KWon [p.12]


SEC is increasing its patent holdings outside Korea, in the US particularly [p.14]

GM Korea avoided bankruptcy after tentative agreement with its labor union [p.15]

Korea FTC said Elliotts demand to HMC is in violation of Koreas fair trade law [p.16]

HMC and Kia Motors swept six awards at the Red Dot Design Award this year [p.17]

SKorean listed companies valued over KW1 tril have increased 20% over the year [p.17]

Indirect investment asset market reached record-high last year of $1.7 tril [p.18]

KOSPI jumped over 2,500 barrier in the wake of an inter-Korean summit [p.18]

SKorea's foreign exchange reserves came to $398.42 bil in April [p.18]

SKoreas unemployment rate in March hit its highest level in 17 years [p.19]

The government is moving fast to ignite its 5-year shipping rehabilitation plan [p.19]

Government will build optimized self-rescue plan on DSME, Sungdong and STX [p.20]

HHI announced its accumulated order intake at the end of March recorded $996 mil [p.22]

SHI announced that it posted a revenue of $1.156 bil for 1Q 2018 [p.22]

Government and creditors decided on 11th to accept STX O&S' self-rescue plan [p.23]

Changwon District Court of Korea placed Sungdong under its receivership on 20th [p.23]



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