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  Korea Report - May 2014
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Korea Report - May, 2014.


  • President Parks approval rating dropped from 60% to over 40% in the wake of the Sewol ferry accident.

  • Park to establish a new DPMs post for overseeing educational, social and cultural issues.

  • Japan stepped-up push for collective self-defense in the region.

  • Korea plans to invest KW150 bil ($146 mil) in fusion energy development this year.

  • The captain of the Sewol and 3 other key crew members were indicted on charges of homicide.

  • NK fired 2 artillery shells near SKorean warship on patrol in the tensely guarded western sea border.

  • USA to raise pressure on SKorea to join the US-led missile defense system.

  • NK decided to take part in the 2014 Asian Games to be held in SKorea from Sept 19 to Oct 4.

  • Koreas nominal GDP per capita surpassed $24,000 last year.

  • Korea Development Institute revised its outlook for Koreas economic growth to 3.7% for this year.

  • Moodys predicts Koreas export firms corporate ratings may be down due to appreciation of KWon.

  • SKoreas market share of global trade marked the ninth place in 2013 amongst the WTO members.

  • Koreas 500 businesses took in KW2.6 quadril ($2.4 tril) in combined sales in 2013, up 1.6% from 2012.

  • SEC topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index for smartphones, with 81scored on a scale of 100.

  • SK Hynix garnered 28.2% of the global DRAM market in Jan-March period.

  • Overseas construction orders secured by SKorean builders stood at $31.6 bil in the first 5 months in 2014.

  • In April alone, KWon appreciated 3.05% against the greenback, the highest amongst 40 major currencies.

  • SKorea's consumer price index went up 1.7% in May, the fastest on-year rise since Oct 2012.

  • Global NB orders for Jan-to-April of 2014 tallied at 46.2 mil dwt (661 units of a combined 14.5 mil cgt).

  • Korea took up 91% of the total VLGC order globally inked this year.

  • Korea's major yards ran a deficit in their quarterly earnings, wider than the market consensus.

  • DSME recorded an operating profit of 80.6 bil ($74.2 mil) in the first quarter, up 19.8% on-year.

  • HMM signed a contract with IMM private equity at KW1 tril for the transfer of its LNGC business.


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