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  Korea Report - February 2014
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Korea Report - February, 2014.




  55% of the Korean population favors President Park for the first year of her presidency.

  Japan tries to negate the 1993 Kono statement offering apologies for its wartime atrocities.

  Heavy snowfall paralyzed the Gangwon and North Gyeongsang regions.

  Koreas fertility rate is expected to drop by 0.11 to 1.19 this year.

  SKorea earned 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals at the Sochi Olympics, ranking No.13.

  South-North reunions of separated families took place during 20-25 Feb in NKs Mt Geumgang resort.

  BOK retained its 2014 growth forecast for the Korean economy at 3.8%.

  Korea ranked No.1, taking up a market share of 9.24% in 2013 in Chinas import market.

  SKorea will seek to boost its overall exports to over $600 bil in 2014, up 7.21% on-year.

  FSC suspended the businesses of the 3 credit card firms for a recent massive data breach.

  Samsung Electronics posted record sales of KW228 tril last year, up 13.7% on-year.

  LG Display led the global market for liquid crystal displays for the fourth consecutive year in 2013.

  Supreme Court upheld a lower courts ruling to sentence SK chairman TW Choi to 4 years in jail.

  Koreas trade surplus in the automobile sector reached $63.5 bil in 2013.

  Imported cars jumped more than two-fold in Korea in the last 5 years.

  Korea aims to win overseas orders of over $70 bil this year on growth of the overall global market.

  Korea won a project for building refinery plants worth $12 bil from Kuwaits State Oil Co.

  Hyundai E&C and GS E&C signed a $6.04 bil contract with Iraqs State oil firm.

  KWon has kept relatively stable in the box of 1,060-1,084 against USDollar.

  Global NB orders for 2013 tallied at 2,206 ships of 48.70 mil cgt ($103.8 bil), up 53% on-year.

  The rush on VLGC orders continued.

  Samsung group is auditing on the overall SHI operations to improve SHIs corporate profitability.

  The first LNG ship of Yamal project was signed at DSME.

  KOEXIM vowed to finance $353 mil for 4 LNG carrries ordered by Oceanus at DSME.

  The creditors led by KDB decided to inject KW1.8 tril additionally into STX O&S.

  IMM is to take over HMMs fleet of LNG carriers at KW1.1 tril ($1 bil).

  KLC posted a strong profit for 2013 after emerging from receivership.





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