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  Korea Report - January 2014
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Korea Report - January, 2014.




President Park was on a state visit to India and Switzerland from Jan 16 to 23.

Abe stated China and Japan are in a pre-war situation similar to the relations between Britain and Germany before 1914.

Seoul Archbishop Yeom Soo-jung, 71, was appointed cardinal by the Vatican's pope.

Avian influenza broke out in Korea, on a gradual spreading to poultry farms across the nations.

The South formally proposed the S-N family reunions between Feb 7 and 22 at Mt Geumgangsan.

Korea spent KW296.4 bil ($280mil) as humanitarian aid for NK in 2013.

SKorea agreed to earmark KW920 bil in 2014 for the upkeep of 28,500 US troops in Korea.

President Park released a new 3-year economic plan ensuring a 4% annual growth.

Korea is to frontload 65.4% of its annual KW309.7 tril ($293 bil) budget for the first half of the year.

Bank of Korea is optimistic about Koreas GDP growth at 3.8% in 2014.

The personal data of 20 mil card holders in Korea has been leaked.  

This years government debt is to be at KW514.8 tril ($487.96 bil), up KW50.1 tril from 2013.

Samsung and HMC earned KW43 tril in operating income in 2012, accounting for 30.4%.

SEC sold 319 mil smartphones around the globe in 2013, with its market share reaching 32.3%.

A cross-licensing deal between SEC and Google is expected to further reinforce their ties in hardware and software.

HMC and Kia's car sales exceeded $12 bil in total in 2013.

Foreign investors sold an estimated KW2 tril ($1.8 bil) in the Koreas Stock Exchange in Jan.

The KWon against USDollar has been extremely fluctuating in the range of 1,050-1,083.

World NB orders contracted in 2013 stand 48.66 mil cgt, up 92.4% on-year.

The NB orders targeted by Korea's HHI, SHI, DSME, and HMD surpass $60 bil in 2014, up by 8% on-year.

Over-ordering, triggered by Scorpio, became a concern causing delays in recovery of the market.




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