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  Korea Report - December 2013
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Korea Report - December, 2013.




  Japan's Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine, angering neighbor countries.

  SKorea agreed to return the remains of 425 Chinese troops killed during 1950-53 Korean War to China.

  SKoreas expanded air defense zone went into effect on Dec 15, 2013.

  KORAIL workers waged a 22-day strike, causing themselves heavily penalized.

  Glass roof for Korean women started to be broken.

  Jang Song-tak, uncle of NK leader and No 2 man, was publicly executed for treason.

  SKorea's government budget has been fixed at KW355.8 tril for 2014.

  Koreas trade surplus has continued for 23 months, posting $3.67 bil in Dec.

  Koreas trade volume in 2013 once again exceeded $1 tril for 3 consecutive years.

  The Supreme Court ruled that bonuses constitute part of ordinary wages used as the basis for

calculating various types of compensation and severance pay.

  SEC sold 1.41 bil units of mobile DRAM, accounting for 50% share of the global market for 2Q.

  From Jan to Nov 2013, the combined sales of HMC and Kia stand 6.9 mil vehicles.

  Koreas overseas construction orders totaled $79 bil as of Nov 2013.

  Foreign investors bought $12.39 bil worth of Korean shares in 2H of 2013, valuing up to 35.57%.

  KWon kept strong against USDollar in the level 1,050.

  SKorea's consumer price index rose 1.1% on-year in Dec 2013.

  Global NB orders stand on 1,912 ships of a combined 121 mil dwt as of Nov 2013, up 158% on-year.

  Global shipbuilding has shown recovery throughout 2013, still with the shadow of over supply.

  BP signed a contract with HMD for 14 MR PCs - 9 x 50Ks and 5 x 40Ks, at $560 mil.

  The Financial Regulator will auction its stakes in DSME for sale in early 2014.

  K-Sure financed $345 mil for 2 x drilling rigs from built by SHI for Stena.

  HMM ordered to Bohai for 2 x 210K VLOCs, taking advantage of price.

  Hanjin Shipping decided to offload a 76% stake of its cash cow, bulk carrier division, to ease liquidity.




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