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  Korea Report - August 2013
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Korea Report - August, 2013.




  President Parks approval ratings hit a new high, in the range of 60-70%.

  Japans attitude about its past history is angering the neighboring countries.

  Record heat waves have gripped Korea over July & Aug months.

  Asiana offered $10,000 to all passengers aboard the flight that crashed on 6 July.

  President Parks consistent policy toward NK led to the re-opening of Gaeseong

factory park and the reunions of S-N separated families.

  SKoreas risk premium has returned to below 90 basis points.

  SKorea logged a current account surplus for the 18th straight month.

  South-North agreed to re-open the Gaeseong factory park.

  South-North agreed to hold family reunions during Sep 25-30.

  SKoreas economy is forecast to regain 4% growth in H2 of this year 2013.

  SKoreas trade surplus ranked 7th amongst WTO members in H1 of the year.

  China is increasing purchases of stocks, bonds and real estate in SKorea.

  SKoreas household credit totaled KW980 tril ($870.1 bil) in end-June.

  SKoreas top businesses pledged to invest $138.8 bil by the years end.

  SEC rolled out the worlds first 3-D Vertical NAND flash memory in Aug.

  LG Electronics has launched its curved OLED TV in Germany.

  SK Hynix has taken No.2 title in the global DRAM market.

  Nearly half of mobile users in USA and Canada are using SEC or LG smartphones.

  International patent disputes jumped to 200 cases in H1, up by 30% on-year.

  Import car sales in Korea hit a new high in July, up by 39% on-year.

  SKoreas consumer price has remained in the 1% growth for the 10th straight month.

  SKoreas NB orders have recorded 216 ships worth $23 bil in Jan-Jul period 2013.

  K-sure has financed $340 mil for 7 x 9,300 teu containershps from CSAV for SHI.

  Korean shipyards have stopped low-price ship-sales since Q3 of 2013.

  Profitability of Korean shipyards has worsened in Q2 of this year.

  Samra Midas has become the preferred bidder for Korea Line Corp.



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