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  Korea Report - July 2013
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Korea Report - July, 2013.




  President Park captured the hearts and minds of Chinese during her June 27-30 visit.

  Aso urged Japan to emulate Nazis in stealthily amending the Japanese constitution.

  The government will open 27 more King Sejong Institutes in 20 countries.

  Asianas aeroplane carrying 307 people crash-landed at San Francisco Airport.

  Park In-bee garnered on the LPGA Tour for her third straight major championship in this year.

  North and South kept dialogue to establish continuous operation of the industrial park in

Gaesung, but with no breakthrough.

  Panama seized an NK vessel laden with military equipment and parts.

  SKoreas economy grew 1.1% on quarter in the second quarter of this year.

  SKorea logged a trade surplus for the 18th straight month in July.

  SEC dethroned Apple as world's most profitable phone maker in Q2 of 2013.

  SEC unveiled its 1 terabyte solid state drive (SSD) lineup.

  SK Hynix swung to black in Q2, with its operating profit at KW1.11 tril.

  Foreigners offloaded Seoul shares worth $8.7 bil over Jan-June period.

  The daily volatility of KWon rose to highest level in 16 months in 2Q.

  SKoreas jobless rate stands at 3.1 % as of end-June.

  Koreas policy financiers have decided to finance shipbuilding.

  SKoreas shipbuilders are to raise NB prices from the 2nd half of 2013.

  Outlook on Korean shipbuilding market.

  Creditors agreed to inject a fresh liquidity of $1.92 bil to the ailing STX O&S.




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